Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things I Really Need From Storage And Have No Idea Where They Are

1. My nit comb.  No I probably don't have headlice.  But my head comes into proximity with some very small children these days.  They probably don't have headlice.  But having had them once via my daughter's school about twenty years ago, The Fear remains.  I challenge you not to start scratching now.

2. Sun-in.  I'm a natural blonde who, in the winter, needs a little peroxide.  Don't we all?  Bit dowdy right now. 

3.  My other boots.  The flat ones.  You know the ones I mean.  Yes, those.

4.  My extraordinarily large French dictionary and French grammar book.  How the hecking hell am I supposed to learn this mess of a language without BIG BOOKS.

5.  That sort of woven leather-ish belt. 

6.  Oh and today an umbrella would be nice.  Brussels is quite wet, you know.  Maybe the non-existent lice will drown.


  1. So you made it to Brussels! I must say I'm impressed at how well you seem to be settling in without knowing the language. Are you going to remain a nanny or look for another job?

  2. I speak some (a leetle) French and read it well, which helps. I am rapidly picking up Dutch words from reading things too, though I have no idea how to say them. While I'm really pleased to have work at all, I'm going to pursue other jobs.