Saturday, 21 December 2013

Flux Sake

I think I'm about done with the blogging.  After two years, the desire to reveal myself like those pictures of Jesus with his heart exposed, has grown smaller and smaller.  Some of you who read this are now Facebook friends, so it's not actually goodbye.  More "Arse arse arse arse and bugger me backwards".  Sorry, my fingers swear a lot.

2012 was about finding things.  Apartments, jobs, trams, a path through the bewildering systems of my adopted country, and friends.  I got through it on reserves of stamina, crisps, red wine and bloody-mindedness.  That, and not having a break all year, took quite a toll.

2013 was the year of being poorly.  I will be honest, there were times I thought it was very serious.  The coughing and the asthma were so bad at times, it seemed that something awful was in there and that I was just being humoured with inhalers.  Ten months and one marvellous doctor later, things became better.

There is no sense of completion here; life is still very much in flux, which is probably as it should be.  I love Gent and I love my job.  The rest is flux.

What I would like for 2014 is that my friends and family stay healthy and happy.  In addition, I'd like not to put on more weight.  It is as if the very air contains fat.  Ten kilos this year, and that just isn't funny.  Medications, while useful, are bastards for that.  I'd like to know the people I know better.  I'd like for the front door to stop getting smashed.  I'd like to leave the country during the Gentse Feesten.  I'd like to be a bit more bi-lingual.  I'd like a partner in crime to share stuff with. 

I wish you all a tolerable Christmas and a hangover-free New Year.