Sunday, 29 January 2012

Generally Stricken II

Another big old strike tomorrow.  The difference is, I'm actually here this time.  Not sure what it's about but probably pensions or retirement age.  There will be a lot of walking tomorrow, so I am laying down many carbohydrates in preparation.  The Girls' crèche is not closed and their mum is working; therefore so am I.  Have mapped my route back.  It follows the 59 bus route until the Chausée de Louvain and then the usual butt-crunching bit uphill home.  I hope there will be a red-cheeked spirit of good cheer along the way, and lots of singing. 

Due to the loss of impending morning employment, I have been indoors mainly, not spending money, except on next month's rent.  At the weekend this place turns into something like a university hall of residence.  There was partying in the kitchen under my room until about 3am.  And this morning somebody who had clearly come home without keys pressed every buzzer for every floor repeatedly until someone let them in.  I'm too old for this.  I'd like an apartment please.  Now.

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