Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I'm All Right, Jack

Tonight could have been a complete wash-out but in fact was lovely.  I'd arranged to meet new friend S (and yes, that's the fourth friend S so far) at the Karaoke Bar to do a bit of singing.  You see, S and J and I are sort of forming a band.  Yeah.  And if you play your cards right we might be able to get you in for free.

Karaoke was inexplicably shut.  Although one lesson I have learned quite quickly in Brux is:


Anyway, I phoned S and she said find a bar, I'll meet you there.  The bars on the Place du Grand Sablon look like they would hoover up my weekly salary in an instant so I walked down to the rond-point and took a left.  Chez Richard is tiny and has a fat Jack Russell bitch on a stool.  What more could you want.  Oh, the wine is €3 a glass.  S seemed very lost so I scribbled in my filofax and played a game on my phone that I didn't understand but appeared to be winning quite outrageously.  J was allegedly meeting us at the Karaoke too although he was not answering his phone.  And then S was there, in all her charming young Russian-ness. 

So we sat in the warm and I drank cheap wine and the dog was really, really cute.  No Karaoke tonight but a lovely new friend and then a bone-shakingly-cold wait for the tram.  It's like being steeped in ice out there tonight.  It always worries me that you have to challenge moving traffic to board the tram in the middle of the road.  I'm sure I've had dreams like that and they do not end well.


  1. I joined in at the end of a conversation today on FB with a mutual friend and I liked your humour so I was sure you must have a blog. So here I am and I like what I see and have added myself to your Followers.

  2. ...and I've now gone back and read your entire blog. Something I rarely do with blogs but reading yours is like reading a book. Maybe you could turn it into a book..it's good enough.

    1. You're so kind to say so. A couple of other people have said this and some way down the line I might consider it. Right now it's pretty much the only thing keeping me sane...that and the cheap wine.