Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Service II

One of the nice things about living in a Muslim area is that most of the shops are open on a Sunday.  In the parts of the city that are governed by a vaguely Christian sensibility, every bloody thing is shut.  Whilst stomping about trying to find the 351 bus stop on the Chausée de Louvain, I chanced upon a fab shop that sells just about everything.  One whole aisle dedicated to various shapes of pasta.  And I was able to buy a tiny chopping board for my tiny, tiny kitchen; a thing for flipping my readymade Carrefour pancakes; and a sucky hook.  Look I know what I mean.  A hook that adheres by suction.  All things I wanted!  I intend to go back because I'm damn sure if I want something else it will be there.

Finally got to the storage facility about 4pm.  Remind me to go on a Saturday - there was a lot of Sunday service bus-waiting in the cold.  I quite like the storage place.  All that punching in my secret code and huge gates opening at my command, and then marching around those empty corridors like I'm in a film.  I now have books!  Books!  Eight should keep me going for a bit.  And the clothes airer, and the iron, although I'm not sure how one uses that.

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