Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bin Thinking

Brux is very big on recycling.  I know London is too, but here they come down on your arse like billy-o if you get it wrong.  Basically: white bag = landfill stuff; blue bag = recyclable plastics and cans; yellow bag = paper and card.  Glass you clank off to the bottle bank.

If you put out the wrong thing in the wrong bag, you get fined €149.  This has already happened once since I've been here and the Residence Manager sent out a general warning.  Terrified that I might get it wrong, and being a slightly swotty goody, I have made sure that it won't be me incurring the fine.  Basically if we get another one, it will be split between the residents and taken off our deposit.

Some stupid twat is either very stupidly ignoring this or just doesn't give a shit.  Given that there may be quite a few students and interns living here, it's likely that mummy or daddy paid their deposit and therefore they don't care about the fine.  In the foyer are two blue bags full of landfill rubbish.  I've reported it but they are still there.  So there are two options:

1.  I go down into The Kitchen one night and ask who they belong to.  This will probably be met with feigned ignorance, and will make me a bit killy.

2.  I creep down on rubbish night and put the blue bags into white ones.  Crafty, yes.  Cowardly, indeed.  But hey, it saves us a fine.


  1. Camden likes to think it's big on recycling, but when our recycling bag got nicked for the second time they refused to replace it, so we can't get ours collected any more. We take it to the bins ourselves as we're good citizens *Beams with goodness*.

    1. Do you wanna come over and sort this lot out? With your experience of living in halls and that, you could probably sort them out...