Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chicken In

I am falling very much in like with the area I live in.  When I first came here I was a bit surprised by its edginess and I thought I'd want to move more into the centre or at least to trendy Ixelles.  But I like it more and more. I like the shops with random stuff in them.  I like the slightly rundown air.  I like that four buses and a tram and a metro run nearby.  I like that when I come home at night families with children are out in the streets; women are out shopping; men are out chatting and smoking. Tonight I passed a girl of about ten years old laden down with bread and food shopping.  It's a community - maybe not my community, but I feel that I'm sort of walking around inside it and that there's enough room that they won't mind.

I've been looking at apartments locally and - perhaps because it is not such a fancy area - it's a bit cheaper.  And what might swing it is that fact that there's an authentic Indian restaurant that does chicken tikka biriyani just down the road.  I'm so easy.


  1. Hello my old duck,

    Thoroughly enjoying your blog. You do make me laugh. We miss you here at UAL!

    Sarah High Holborn

    1. Thanks - I miss you lot too! No really. My conversation these days seems to be pigeon French in shops or "Have you done caca?" in English. That's to the baby, obviously, not some passing expat.