Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sticky Situation

I got a text in the afternoon from my employer asking if I could pick the kids up and meet her at home.  No problem I dabbed back, breezily.  Except that I couldn't remember what floors of the crèche the children were on and how to find them.  Some context:  it's a crèche run for European Commission staff and there are about 300 children.  On five different floors.  And there are three colonnes which cannot easily be accessed from each other.  And the two kids are on different floors.  As I thought I wasn't picking them up on my own until next week, I didn't really pay attention to where they were...

I could have been wandering corridors with hand-print paintings forever, so I rang A.  "I'm on the fifth floor..." and it turns out that neither of the children are.  There was also a sneaking worry that I would exit with the wrong children.

All was well in the end, but remind me to pay attention next time.  Oh, and take wet wipes.  Mandarins and yoghurt go everywhere.


  1. Remember that Mary Poppins was only *practically* perfect. So not quite.

  2. Good point. I bet she never got lost in an EC creche though...

  3. That's cos we didn't have em then! She would have if she had but then she would have just got her umbrella out and taken the children out the window.

  4. I don't think the EC would allow that. Health and Safety.