Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Gone With the Whine

Well, today can get to fuck if it likes. 

On the plus side, two bras off eBay arrived. (It's beyond me to start looking for them here.  Norks like fucking Zeppelins).  And a thing from Wandsworth council saying I overpaid my rent.  I didn't, but hell if they want to give me back some money.  No doubt they will want some back for removing my bed which, in a strop, I decided not to take to Brux.

I tried to speak French in a shop and it was not so much pigeon as sparrow.  Sparrow with a squashed beak.  At least I understood what was being said to me, so nil desperandum.  The Brazilian nanny I see at the crèche says she has been in Belgium three years and still cannot speak French.  I am trying not to let that get me down.

And then My Girls had the day from hell with an added bit of shit on top.  Baby C - teething, not well, screamed and screamed and would not be put down unless there was some music playing.  H just said NO! to everything or told me I had "done it wrong" and took away everything the baby was playing with.  Neither would eat anything.

Then I came home and my cooker hob knob fell off while the hob was on full.

So that's my moaning done.  Tomorrow is another day, as that bint in that film said.

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