Friday, 13 January 2012

Mothering And Mithering

I have to admit I'm struggling today.  The post-viral, post-move, para-new job and new life exhaustion is a bit consuming.  And much as I like the children I'm looking after, and am happy just to be working, my brain seems to have been stashed in a cupboard somewhere.  Yesterday we went to a children's music thing and I was dancing about shaking bells and maracas while the three-year-old watched me cooly.  Baby C loved it though, and danced around like a miniature hippy.  I miss words and thinking and, to some extent, adults.

Tonight I have what could tentatively be referred to as a date.  I say tentative because he is almost 30 years younger than me and I'm not entirely sure about this.  I may pull out a hanky, spit on it and wipe his face.


  1. Please tell me you didn't wipe his face with your spit on!

  2. No I was very well behaved for once. :o)