Saturday, 14 January 2012


Following my wander into the bleak and leggy reddish light district the other day, I thought I'd google to see what areas of Brux are widely-regarded as avoidable.

It's always a mistake to google anything really, be it a cough (death) or a weird feeling in your leg (sudden death).  I can only assume the contributors to Virtual Tourist have rarely left the safety of their bedroom before.

For women and girls, even in groups, the situation is entirely different. The best tip I can think of is to come by or rent a car and avoid walking around the streets at night, especially alone. Avoid in any event taking the metro at night: it is NOT safe.

Right.  No, bollocks to that.  Last night I got back around 11pm and my bus drops me off down at Place Houwaert, at the foot of my street.  A walk of about five minutes.  No city is completely safe but I'm not really sure how I can avoid walking around the streets at night alone, as I live alone and on a street and go out at night.

To be safe anywhere you are going you should simply never go out alone, and in the middle of the city simply stay in the pubs and avoid getting out of the mass.

OK so I should always ensure I am in a pub, and not on my own, and never in a street.  Or on public transport.  I walk daily around some quite poor areas but have not felt remotely worried.  There are often small groups of men hanging around but they just live here.  My metro station is cavernous and stinks a bit of piss but it is not a scary place.  Buses are frequent and well-used. 

I'm wise in the city, which comes from half a century of living in London, but I know that despite this things can happen.  However, I'm not going to live a life curtailed by stupid warnings.  I live here too.

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