Monday, 30 April 2012

Spring Forward

A day of heightened feelings from top to, literally, toe.  I can't really explain why.

A lovely weekend with my daughter and extended family in Paris left me feeling rather more sanguine about things generally; that and that fact that a job application on Friday solicited a phone call an hour later with an invitation to interview that afternoon.  I was not able to go, but the chap asked would I be interested in other vacancies coming up soon, and he emailed me shortly after saying he would contact me again.

It may or may not result in anything, but the realisation that my CV can provoke an almost instantaneous response is heartening.  And somewhat amusing.

All the recent rain has left parts of Brussels scented with lilac, and the horse-chestnut trees move heavily in their new leaf, as if at the bottom of the sea.  Today I saw a family of coots, with implausibly small babies.

I spent my morning walk in ridiculous longing again, but hopefully this will shake off soon.  I have spent too many years of my life in ridiculous longing for someone or other and, frankly,  it's a waste of good flesh. 

My toe hurts quite badly.  I've kept it splinted for a week but maybe I shouldn't walk on it quite so much.  I tend to ignore it and think fuck it, I've got nine others.

And all my children were lovely today.  None of them pooed either.



  1. There's so much here! A sense of hope, sap rising, longings, pain - and no poo! Axxx

  2. The "no poo" is the most exiting info on this st. Long may it last.

  3. It says something, when "no poo" is the most exciting thing...I need to introduce an element of drama!

  4. Jane - I think the word is right - exiting! Lol!!