Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Get Up, Stand Up

We have now been without any meaningful transport system since Saturday.  Today a few routes started up again, but nothing round here (hence it not being meaningful...).  I think that people - whilst being very sympathetic and shocked about the murder of a man who was just doing his job - are starting to feel that this has gone on long enough

Tomorrow again there will be a skeleton service - sorry, that seems tasteless under the circumstances.  Tomorrow again, many of us will face a long walk to work and back.  The transport unions want 'un calendrier précis soit défini pour le renforcement des mesures de sécurité dans les transports en commun'.  Fair enough, but can we have our transport system back in the meantime?

Despite all this I still love Brussels.  Although it's annoying the fuck out of me, I love that this man's colleagues care so much they are making a stand.


  1. Me too. All power to your feet til the workers get what they want. Ax

  2. I agree that it's lovely that his co-workers cared so much, but I don't mean to sound heartless when I say that one day as a mark of respect would have been sufficient. Life has to go on, and lack of public transport can affect so many people in so many ways. Although I can totally understand that security measures need to be implemented fast, for the sake of the drivers and the passengers.