Friday, 13 April 2012

Panning Ahead

Just back from a very late babysit, and another taxi driver who asked me the way.  You know that thing stuck to the window with like a map on it, yeah?  It tells you where to go.  And I'm tired.  So tired I couldn't actually remember my address for a minute.

Something that is excellent about working in the houses of the relatively affluent is they have great saucepans.  It occurred to me tonight that I have never had a really great set of saucepans.  Partly this is down to not getting married.  People tend to score good saucepans through marrying - in fact this may be one of the main reasons people get married.  I have had a couple of sets from Argos which, let's face it, were never really going to last.  Ooh that could be metaphorical and stuff, but I think it was just lack of money.

Having got used to some really solid heavy-bottomed pans in recent months, I now have saucepan-envy.  There's little point buying anything yet as my flat comes equipped with sub-Argos cookware (plus I have my own limping, dented Argos cookware) which I shall happily leave behind one day.  But in that middle-distant future, when I have a bigger flat in this area, with shelves so I don't have to keep my books in a wardrobe, I will buy pans.  Really fucking ace saucepans.  I might even get married to celebrate this achievement.


  1. One thing I missed out on by not getting married was a salad bowl. With salad tongs. My other single friends and I used to host dinner parties where we would bring our motley collection of cookware and hope that together we might have everything we'd need!

    But yeah, heavy bottoms are good!

  2. When I consider the lives of some of those amongst my friends who did marry I can happily forego fancy cooking utensils. :-)

  3. My salad bowl is an orange plastic thing bought by my aunt for my mum in Chrisp Street Market in about 1970. It has a matching colander which I also have. These will probably survive the apocalypse and I cannot bring myself to get rid of them.

  4. I'm not sure it's worth getting married just to get saucepans. Actually I've never had any wedding presents and you'd think I would after 3 marriages wouldn't you?

    I miss my Le Creuset pans. I bought them one at a time on day trips to France until I had a pretty good collection. When I moved to Turkey they were of course too heavy to bring, so now my daughter has them. They must be more than 30 years old and still going strong.

  5. Le Creuset pans are most definately the dogs wotsits, and they come with the added advantage that cooking with them constitutes a pretty damn good upper body workout.