Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Naming of Farm Vehicles

It's Thursday, the longest day of the week as I normally do three jobs.  Perhaps it's exhaustion or something hormonal but today stunk.  It's job three right now, which should be fairly easy as long as the cough doesn't wake her.  I have eaten cold tinned ravioli (shut up, it's a delicacy) and am enjoying the occasionally punctuated silence.

I nearly fell asleep at work twice today.  The first time was in the after-lunch hour with The Boy, when he asked me to name repeatedly several farm vehicles in a book.  A milk-tanker is still a milk-tanker, even the sixteenth time.  It seems wrong to be so utterly bored, because he's a sweet boy. 

And then with The Girls this afternoon.  I think I covered it well and made it look like I was thinking.  It was, however, the last moment of peace, as they were both on demonic form today. 

I asked before - is it ok, if this is all?  I think the answer is no.  The bored arrid despair that makes you feel like slitting a wrist with the edge of an Usborne book.  The Caligula-like behaviour (not mine; I'm more of a Claudius).  The pooh, the pooh, oh god the pooh.  I need some adult words in my head.  And not like that.


  1. Reading the comments the last time you asked this (rhetorical?) question made sense. However, if you are bored, then it is not good. I like kids, but would never make a good nanny or mother.. But they are good blogger fodder.

  2. Read him "A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian". You need a Plan B, girl.

  3. hahahah! I'm sure it's just a child's way of learning, but when you have said "That's a milk-tanker" several times you start to could you forget? I just told you, like, thirty seconds ago. It's a FUCKING MILK-TANKER.

  4. Funny seeing Mrs Wayne-Bough here - I remember her from Mrs Pouncer's blog. Whatever happened to Mrs P?

    Chin up Jane old thing - see this as the lull before the storm

  5. Oh now that is weird - I met Daphne because someone on here put us in touch - she lives in this fair city. Very odd that you should know her too...