Monday, 9 April 2012

A City On Its Feet

It's been a quiet and restorative weekend.  Absolute silence is like medicine and perhaps I should have been a nun.  But then there is all that God stuff.  And getting up really early.  And seriously bad clothes. 

At 3am I lay wrapped in quilt with the window wide open listening to heavy rain.  Nothing quite as blissful really.  But then I closed it in case I  fell out - seems unlikely, but I have opened the window in my sleep before.  The magnolia tree is big but this isn't a Disney film and I suspect it doesn't have arms.

It's also been a weekend of mourning and suspension for the city.  A bus supervisor was murdered at the site of a collision between a bus and car, early on Saturday morning.  We've had no transport since, and this morning there was a silent march to honour the dead man.  Opinion seems to be divided as to whether suspending all transport without warning was the correct thing to do.  I'm not entirely sure, but I can understand why MIVB have done it.  At the moment it is unclear whether there will be transport tomorrow.    


  1. That's very sad about the bus driver. I suppose it's a lovely gesture to suspend all services. At least it shows he was valued.

    It's raining here too today. I always have the window wide open when it's raining, unless the wind is blowing in this direction. I love the sound of rain.

  2. Jane, you do really have a way with words - these are so evocative on many levels. You have my complete admiration.