Friday, 27 April 2012


Just been to the doctor again for a tetanus jab (seemingly obligatory here?) and more migraine tablets.  The terror of preparing for such occasions does not seem to leave.  What if I say the wrong thing, something completely unintelligible, and am sent away in shame, with no drugs?

As I sat in the waiting area, alone but for a large box of single-use vaginal specula and a wall full of filed patient notes, it occurred to me I could hear a chap's voice.  Oh it was the man doctor who speaks English!  Hoorah.  Charming man, with photos of his gap-toothed children on the wall.  He gave me drugs and has referred me to a specialist. 

Just need to prepare language for that now.  Maybe the terror will go, one day.

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  1. If you want, I have a number for british doctors that are located near Shuman area. No practicing to speak beforehand.