Sunday, 22 April 2012

Toeing the Line

I appear to have broken a toe during the high-risk activity of walking down the stairs.  Actually I went to kick an item of dirty washing down and caught my toe on the step.  There was a rather unpleasant crack and then me limping a lot.  The only bones I have ever broken have been toes.  Once I did it kicking a potty, another time on an armchair.  Clearly I should not be allowed to walk anywhere, as the world in general has it in for my toes.

I splinted it to the toe next door (to it - not to my neighbour's toe.  That would be taking neighbourliness a bit far) with cotton wool and sellotape.  This morning it is an attractive shade of purple.  I have not yet attempted shoes or really any walking as such.  However I will not be troubling the hospital with it. 

The first time I broke a toe was about 1989.  I drove my daughter and myself to hospital and then limped slowly to the A&E department.  Interestingly, not one of the hurrying members of hospital staff passing me stopped to ask if I required help.  Anyway, in the end they just splinted it to the toe next door...


  1. Ouch, you do have my sympathy - a toe is also the only bone I have ever broken. Hope it heals quickly. Axxx

  2. Forget nannying - sounds like you should take up medicine.

  3. Oh dear. The only bone I have broken is also a toe. And nothing more than taping it to its neighbour can be done. I did mine in by banging against a full moving box that I thought was not full. I decided than that I would never move again.

  4. Hahah our toes do seem vulnerable. I've been out and walked on it today. It wasn't great but it will have to be ok.