Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sur Le Pont

Something that has occurred to me in recent weeks is - I'm not done yet.  I suppose in my head "Move to Brussels" was such an enormous and ridiculous thing (like "Move the Pyramids" or " Move Kilimanjaro") that I had not looked much beyond that.  Move to Brussels, learn French, get a reasonably good job; that was the self-briefed brief.  

When you go anywhere, the horizon changes.  The world being round, it offers new things to lure as you travel.   I'm nowhere near learning French - although there was a semi-convincing conversation with a postman this morning.  Oh and one at the crèche.  I'm not that near getting a job.  But the horizon has changed a little.

In my head there has for several years been this lightly-jangling idea of retiring to the South.  I don't know why.  Hot weather and me don't really go.  But my joints don't like the cold and believe me, it's still cold even though May is hanging about backstage.

The brief is changing to:  learn French, get a reasonably good job, and buy a small property in the South of France.  I think within a couple of years I could then move there and work and, ultimately, retire.  Avignon is the name that keeps popping up.  Avignon.

You read it here first. 


  1. Your joints deserve Avignon. Sounds like a very sensible plan. I shall remember. Axx

  2. I dream about Avignon all the time. It's been a reoccurring theme since I was in my twenties. I have no idea why but I'm always trying to get there in my dream... by train, plane etc. The really weird thing is I have never actually been there. Maybe I'll see you there some time!!

  3. Maybe! I have been there, almost 30 years ago. I like where it is, and how the rest of the south opens up from there. And there's a fast train to Paris for daughter-visiting!