Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Walk-On Part

And so I went forth boldly, with no more than some printed directions from Google, and my silly rain-hat.  Spare socks might have been a good idea.  Next time I shall remember.  With the getting lost (every time I took out the directions, they got rained on and splodged a bit), it took one-and-a-half hours to walk to work but, my goodness, I enjoyed it.  Before my socks had a chance to dry on the radiator, I was out again with The Boy for our usual walk.  The forest smelled like jasmine today, but I could not work out why.

It's been an extraordinarily wet day.  If this were a Thomas Hardy novel I'd be fighting for my life by now, with some unspecified fever.  As it is, I just have slightly muddy trousers.  Having walked at least five miles before lunch, I was very glad that my Lady gave me a lift home, although a part of me was quite looking forward to another martyred, wet trudge.

I have rewarded my aching arse muscles with buttery pasta, and chocolate truffles.


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  1. Good on you. Like the idea of rewarding your arse muscles too. Rain brings out some amazing smells - jasmine sounds good. (Smells good too..)