Friday, 20 April 2012

Songs In The Key of Life

'Yo, it's been a long week
How I've got this much energy is beyond me...'

So sang Rizzle Kicks on Mama Do the Hump.  It has indeed been a long week.  As far as the energy goes, it seems to have gone - I woke at 8.36am this morning, approximately 20 minutes after I should have left the house.  A real OH SHIIIIIIIT moment.  Cutting corners and corners of corners, I was out the house by nine.  Needless to say, I smell a bit.

I have spent the last two days doing what any sensible person does when confronted by exhaustion, boredom, brain atrophy, conflict and an excess of poo:  eat.  Eat and eat and fucking eat.  Mainly crisps and chocolate and Laughing Cow sandwiches.  I cannot eat in front of the children because they always want my stuff and I hate sharing my food.  So each day I go between my jobs to the same bench in the same little park and eat to just this side of vomit.  It's not big or clever, but it feels like ballast against the oncoming storm.  If one's stomach is full, it's hard to feel anything much.  I know it's not the answer, but it stops the questions, for the time being.

'Something better change', as the Stranglers snarled.


  1. Remember the clothes! Step away from the crisps x

  2. To be honest, crisps are winning at the moment. But I walk so much it shouldn't make too much of a dent.

  3. Love the title. Understand chocolate and crisps but Laughing Cow, no, no. Marmite. With butter. Helps cure all known ills. Axxx

  4. Eating is better than smoking.