Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Checking In

Forgive the slight silence.  Depression is not a fun or entertaining subject to write about and that is where I am at the moment.  I suppose the correct label would be functional depressive. 

Since I started this blog I have gained many regular readers.  Part of me is worried about letting them down, or about alarming people, so I'd rather write the blog when I'm more positive.

Please do not be alarmed, I'll be ok.

One thing that apparently never fails to lift my spirits is the walk home from Louise at night (that's a quartier, not a person).  It is just so very lovely round here.

And I've just discovered an elegant laundrette five minutes up my road.  So that's useful to know next time someone is hogging the machine here.  There is also a grand piano shop but I don't have space.  


  1. Having only recently discovered your blog, I hesitate to comment, but having been there and also worrying just a tad about letting people down, I can empathize. A little. I don't live where you do, so cannot have the joys of your 'beautiful laundrette' to cheer me up.

  2. I, too haven't been following you for long, but love to read about your adventures, and the amazing way you cope with the low times. It's good to see you checking in, hope today is a better day for you. Janice.

  3. You're letting no one down Jane, and although everyone's experiences are different I kind of understand where you're coming from...
    Hang in there, and hope to see you back with more tales from your 'murdery cellar' very soon (not that I'm suggesting you actually live in the cellar...you understand!)

  4. I can only echo Maud in saying you are not letting anyone down. I hope you keep checking in and I hope that you draw some comfort/strength/whatever from those of us who do read, enjoy and empathise with your experiences and words even if we've never met you. You are such a very real person, Jane. Hope tomorrow is brighter.

  5. Adding my voice to the chorus. Hope it helps a little to know that warm thoughts are coming to you from cyberspace. xxx

  6. Jane. I know how it feels. When depression takes hold I too find it difficult to blog, but I've also learned that my loyal followers don't feel let down. Always have it in your mind that blogging is first and foremost for you. This is how I regard it and for me its often therapeutic.

    Just go with it Jane...take as much time as you need...we'll still be here waiting xxx