Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jam Today

Today I handed back the keys to my old place, after having cleaned it.  Those who know me will be slightly amused at the idea of me cleaning but it had to be done.  I am now a bit wrinkled and lemony.  There were dust-bunnies under the bed that surely pre-dated me.  I could not have produced that much fluff if I were a Persian cat.  Satisfying to walk out for the last time and scribble over my name on the bell, two keys lighter.  I'm slightly dreading the bill for breaking the hob-knob but who knows, maybe it will be easy to replace...

My area continues to yield small wonderful things:

  • Schleiper, a gorgeous art shop
  • A supermarket that stocks Hovis fruit scones
  • A sandwich shop called La Petite Fanny
  • A single very prostituty shoe on the pavement

I love my adopted city.   

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