Sunday, 18 December 2011

There Aren't Enough Lifeboats By Half!

Sorry, just having a Titanic moment.

We are reaching that point where it all starts to look serious now.  I, on the other hand, will continue to point and laugh, because that's what I do.  Tonight I'm going to cook the last of the broccoli and then switch the fridge off.  What I really need for the defrost is some of those big sand-filled tampons you get in leaky tube stations.  I may have to improvise with Lil-lets.  The fridge is going on freecycle but - to be honest - it isn't very attractive.  I accidentally didn't buy a white one and it's sort of boring grey.  I may have to market it as "would be good as a second fridge in the garage for all your loads of booze".  It certainly isn't presentable enough for a kitchen.  Poor ugly fridge.  Its only feature is ice-cube trays.

My room is looking less like a jumble sale now.  More like some very nosy and picky burglars have been in.

I'm actually starting to get a bit excited.  It's peering out from under the mute horror and controlled panic.  Tonight I'm going to roll up the big rug in the front room.  Oh yes.

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