Monday, 19 December 2011

Cooker Man Oh Where Can You Be

Cooker Man arrives half an hour before the scheduled "morning call between 9 and 12" and I'm still in bed. 

Hauling on some clothes, I run to open the door and find next-door's mute builders pointing down the street.  So I hallooo and hallooooo until Cooker Man comes back.  He's wearing so much freshly-applied cologne I start coughing.

Still it's done now.  I am without fire.  Picnics all the way from now.  I broke out the Argos Value Range kettle and you know what?  This tea doesn't taste right.  New kettle, bah.  It needs to build up a bit more limescale.  I like my tea with some bite.

A confession:  I cannot yet bring myself to switch off the fridge.  I love a really cold chocolate Hobnob.  I like my milk uncurdled.  Call me old-fashioned but I like cold juice.  I could just leave it all outside the back door I suppose.  Woe betide any fox who nibbles my Hobnobs.

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