Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Elephant in the Room

Nothing compares to the Elephant and Castle.  Really, nothing.  My last few days of tenure I am spending in the icy built-canyons of the Elephant, doing very little.  We seemed to be the repository for random phone enquiries today.  No, I don't know when next summer's graduation is.  No, I don't know if the library is open.  No, I don't know when the information office is open.  What, do I look like Google?

Still it's been quite cosy.  If it weren't for the phone occasionally ringing I might have caught a nap behind our twinkly fairy lights.

Lunchtime I avoided the 99p shop because frankly I have enough shit and I just know I'd buy more.  I got a £2 pair of gloves off the market for which my cold knuckles were very grateful.  Some people find the E&C market a bit scary but I think I must be very common at heart because I like it.  I am not so keen on the shopping centre because it smells of fried chicken and I'm not that common.

When did it become the fashion to have fruit and veg displayed in identical plastic bowls?  This trend seems to have spread across all London - they even do it outside my Post Office.  Maybe there is a special bit in Greengrocer Weekly where you can buy these bowls in bulk.  Do you get the bowl with the fruit?  I've never worked it out. 

I'd quite like a new bowl.  Mine is an orange one from Chrisp Street Market that my Aunt Lil bought my mum about 40 years ago.  I suppose it's an heirloom now.

And all this talk is to distract from the fact that I have two days left.  Thursday will end in tears.  It could get very messy.  And then, like some overblown school-leaver, that's it.  I'm set free on the world - but it's not a world I know.


  1. I didn't realise your last day was this week - looking forward to Sunday very much xx

  2. Yes, I have over a month of annual leave left, so...I'm looking forward to Sunday too xx

  3. I realise that sentence makes no sense, but you know what I mean.