Saturday, 3 December 2011


Clambering slowly back to normal service after a rather unwell day yesterday.  I'm not terribly good at drinking.  Quite good at being sick, though.  Hangover brought with it some ghosts of mawkish nature so I am exorcising them with practical tasks such as arranging the disconnection of the cooker.  £99 plus VAT?  I'm sure I could do it myself, damn it...

By next weekend, I'll have no sofa, no TV, no cooker.  Thank god for the internet.  And picnic-style food.

The mawkishness may take a while to lift.  Ghosts of things that never were, if that makes sense.  I shall go and do something sensible and worthy with pieces of paper while waiting for the courier to collect Christ, who is now a confection of bubble wrap, large split-open envelopes, and packing tape. 

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