Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Just Looking Around

Today was my final day at Chelsea, and full of bathos.  There are going to be so many "final" things over these coming weeks that not each can be accompanied by high drama.  Can you imagine the exhaustion.

I went for lunch with my friend S (different friend S) had half a bottle of wine and forgot I had a two o'clock appointment.  Cue that careful slightly over-elegant bit-drunk behaviour when you really don't want to be found out.  I think I got away with it.  Fortunately my brain can still wrestle with the intricacies of UK Border Agency rules even after Pinot Grigio and a fish pie. 

At 6pm I switched things off and ordered the desk with that mild obsessiveness I can just about tolerate.   Every movement and action for the last time.  There was nobody around to mock my melodrama as I threw my gaze round the reception area one last time (like Captain von Trapp fleeing the Nazis), swiped my card and left. 

Friend S, after several years nagging, has finally given me one of her meerkat paintings.  He is beautiful and will not be packed away.   Whenever I need to smile I will just look at this:


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