Friday, 30 December 2011

Passing Time

Yesterday I got a bus from Richmond to Putney.  Yes, I'm a seasoned traveller.  It wasn't till I was on the bus that I realised it was a sort of This Is Your Life tour of my past.  I worked in Richmond on three separate occasions over the course of ten years.

And there was the Waitrose in East Sheen we used to go to when I was a child, and where we saw Roy Kinnear in the car park.  There was Sheen Lane where my doctor's surgery was, twenty five years ago.  My dad said it was on the site of an old gypsy camp and that Sheen Lane used to be dead rough.  There was the dodgy car dealers who sold me my first car with a broken gearbox - still in business!  There was Priests' Bridge where my parents almost lived before they inherited the Saville Road house.  There was the Lennox Estate, my first flat up on the sixth floor where my daughter and I lived for three years.  During the hurricane of 1987 a large bit of tree smashed my sitting room window and didn't even wake us.

It wasn't sad, it just felt like a quiet ritual.  Today I went to my doctor for migraine medication enough to tide me over till I figure out the Belgian system.  He said "See you in 20 years then."  Oh, I enquired, will you still be here?  "Not fucking likely", he replied and I laughed so hard I had a coughing fit.

I have taped up the cat flap to stop Bobbie disappearing.  He needs to be here when his new family come to pick him up.  For tea I am having instant mashed potato with dairylea and green olives bought in Waitrose.  I might miss Waitrose. 


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