Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Type OH!

I spent three and a half hours this morning being tested and interviewed at an employment agency.  Such was my relief to sit down at a keyboard and perform familiar tasks without whining interruption or demands that I felt really relaxed, and aced the whole test.  Well, except the bit where I had to correct some French.  You'll be pleased to hear that my English spelling is excellent.  In Excel I had to work out some averages and then do a 3D bar chart - my first ever, and under test conditions.  I'm afraid I shouted "YES!" and laughed when it came out right.

The interview was partly in French and was extremely thorough.  I mean, can you remember what you did in a two month gap between jobs twenty years ago?  In all it was a very positive experience and, although there is certainly no guarantee that I'll get work through them, they are happy to have me on their books until such time as I do not need to be.

Now I'd better change into my drone clothes and go where the nappies are full and the days are long.


  1. Most excellent news!

    Note - I was not referring to the nappies.

  2. What's this, another job, or a different job? Enough of nappies already?

  3. Hi Ged - the intention always was that I would do the nannying for about 6 months to a year. You know me. You know I have something approaching a brain. Therefore you must realise I couldn't do it forever...