Friday, 8 June 2012

Flying Fuck

You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down -
Ray Bradbury.  

I thought this was quite inspiring.  Never knowingly read a word of Ray Bradbury's while he was alive.  Then suddenly the internet was a crawling mass of his wisdom once he'd carked it.  As is often the way.  Anyway, as someone pointed out, there aren't any cliffs in Belgium, get a grip.  And as someone else (on the Dating Website) commented: It's not a terribly good quotation. I didn't enjoy his writing.  So never expect others to share your feeling of inspiration.

I've jumped twice in my life, and built my wings on the way.  The first time I was 24, had nowhere to live, no partner, and was pregnant.  I won't try and pretend it was easy, but it worked out.  The second time is now.  Each day I'm slowly putting together some sort of way of flying.  I'm a bit like the coot babies with their stumpy little fluffy wings that don't work properly yet.

My File has been sent to four employers now.  And in two and a half weeks I start my French course.  It is going to work out.


  1. Fly like a bird Jane. You know you can do it! x

  2. Maud always beats me to it...she says what I want to say! You can do it Jane. I have every confidence in you xx