Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stand Up And Be Cunted

In a year of many firsts, we have yet another, it seems.  In my 36 years of dating (hateful word, but we English don't really have a neat native expression; and I'm taking as my starting point that first awful date in Ealing when I was 14 and those espadrilles ate my feet alive) I have never, ever been stood up.  I have tonight.

A chap I saw a couple of weeks ago seemed quite nice.  There was no immediate spark but I thought it worth giving another shot because sometimes you don't know.  Allegedly.  Although according to some experts on Facebook you do.

We arranged to meet for dinner tonight, this time on my manor.  Early in the day he texted to say he might be a little later than planned, due to an unexpected meeting.  And he texted again just before 10pm to apologise for standing me up.  I have not, and will not, respond.  There is absolutely no excuse for such behaviour.  I'm wondering if my Dating Website profile has some coded message which you only see when you view the internet backwards: "All cunts apply within".  

That Noel Edmonds believes in Cosmic Ordering.  Can I just say that the Universe is not listening properly to me.  I may be driven to standing in the street shouting at the sky.  Yeah, that will work.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. That's unforgivable. Horrible experience, I think I had it myself once but after 50 I'm now confusing my life with movies I've seen.

    Sometimes, when we're on a life low, we seem to give off vibes that we are unaware of, but people pick them up. I wonder if this is going on at this time in your life Janey- your time of feeling a bit lost and a bit low might come across to people who misbehave accordingly. And the opposite happens too- when we're cruising happily through life everyone wants us.
    Spirit, energy, vibes; all that stuff.
    Just a thought..

  3. oooooh why did you remove it? I've already read it because it comes to me by email!

  4. oh...there it is.

    I'm not particularly low though, at the moment. Things feel ok. When I am low, I don't really go on dates and stuff.

  5. Did you have espadrilles on this time ? Maybe it's just unlucky shoes?

  6. I just replaced it cos the first effort was full of squiggles or something. Same message tho.
    Glad you're not low.
    I was thinking of what you said the other day; that you're not nothing, "but I am something"

  7. Espadrilles in Belgium? They'd be a sodden mass in no time!

    Ged, yes I am something. Are we not all something? Or rather someone. Looking back over recent weeks I would say: someone who should be considered as girlfriend material and not just "something like this"; someone who, if you've made arrangements to meet her, you don't bump at the last minute for an ex you aren't even sure you want to see, and you don't ask if you can contact me again after; someone who, if you've made arrangements to meet her, you have the decency to say if you are not going to be able to make it.

    That sort of someone. I think some people read my easygoing-ness as "complete pushover" which is a huge mistake.

  8. I seem to recall a little of your non-pushoverness.

    And yes, people misbehave a lot it seems in matters of relationships.