Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Day Today

Early-ish to the Boy, who is currently regarding me as sort of Himmler, due to his beloved older sister being home.  Why, indeed, would he wish to spend time with me when she has Peppa Pig on her iPhone?  It was a fine morning, the sort where you can see aeroplanes like tiny white cursors leaving vapour trails miles up.  I talked at some length about ants, and stinging nettles, and bees, and what is likely to happen if you throw something repeatedly (repeatedly).  In the park I fed A85 by hand and threw bread high to test the crows' ability to catch.

Very little time for lunch. Ten minutes' sit-down in Ambiorix with a Fry's Peppermint Cream.

Then to the Girls.  I had to wake C but she was delightful and sleep-drunk, very forgiving of my intrusion.  She proceeded to spit strawberries all over the crèche reception area, as she hasn't really got the hang of chewing.  H was amenable, which is always good news.  A father whom I've seen often there, and on whom I have a slightly embarrassing crush, asked if I would read a chapter or two of a book he is writing and which he will be translating into English - because I'm a native speaker and will know if it reads as "English" or not.  I think his motives are pure but I'm not a terribly good judge of these things.

Relatively poo-free afternoon, lots of singing The Wheels on the Bus, and I explained to H what blow-flies do, which was fun.

As usual I asked myself quite why the two-mile walk home.  But like going to the gym (says one who has never been), once you start it's hard to stop.  My average mileage each day is about five miles, but those final two are hard, which is why they are sometimes oiled with frites.  There's a feeling of ridiculous joy when I seen the Generali building as that means I'm nearly home.

Before the sweat had time to settle I got my washing down to the cellar, paddling reluctantly in the foul leak-puddle surrounding the washing machine.  I think my feet smell of leak-puddle now.  Inexplicably there was large piece of waffle by the top of the cellar stairs. 

And tomorrow is my job interview.


  1. Will keep everything crossed for you Jane, hoping you get it if it is what you want. Wishing you poo free employment. Janice

  2. Thank you. I think everyone should have poo-free employment. Unless you muck-out elephants for a living.

  3. Absolutely everything crossed for poo free employment, Jane. Axx