Monday, 4 June 2012

Heavy and Light

It wasn't until nine-thirty this morning that I realised I had my trousers on inside out.  Perhaps at my age people just excuse this sort of thing as eccentricity.

I've had a lovely few days, hosting my friend C from the UK.  We've known each other about eleven years and there is a great comfort and giggliness.  There has been a fair amount of drink taken too, but mainly because I have discovered a bar not five minutes from me that is open all year.  All day, all night, all year.  They close for Christmas Day and New Years' Day, for which I will forgive them.

After Thursday's melodrama, having a good friend here has been a wonderful balm.  I still feel the echo of a boot in my guts and the question "What is wrong with me?  What is wrong with me?" is not far from my ears.  But having C here has been absolutely lovely and makes me think that if being wrong is this much fun I don't want to be right.  Sort of thing.

On Sunday, we got up dreadfully late and, wandering out for some lunch, surprised a market on my local shopping street - a brocante.  Loads of people selling whatever shite they could probably not shift on Ebay.  In diagonal seeping rain I bought a heavy and old Anglepoise lamp for €25.  I waited till it dried out (despite appearances, I'm not a fool) and tested it.  It works!  Am very happy with my ancient Anglepoise.


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  1. So glad you had a good time - I knew you would x