Friday, 15 June 2012

Big Jobs

After receiving yet another standard rejection letter from a job I applied for, despair was beginning to creep in.  You see, I've never had a problem finding work.  This is a new and somewhat challenging experience, to be turned down, and turned down, and turned down, and turned down, get the drift.  You start to question everything, and your future is just all cacky bottoms.

Then my phone rang and I hurtled down the stairs at ankle-sprain speed.  The agency that has been sending out my file has had a positive response, and the employer is one I would be really keen to work with.  I will have an interview with them in about two weeks' time.  This will be only my third interview since I started applying for jobs in Brussels, a year ago.  (Ironically, the first job I was interviewed for has just been advertised again.)

I need to find those nerves of steel again and drag them clanking with me to the interview.  If I don't get this job, there will be others, but I'd really quite like this one.


  1. Yup, remind us beforehand so we we can send positive vibes on the day!

  2. To add to the list of crossed body parts, I will have my intestines crossed for you. This will lead to a build up excess gas later in the day, which will undoubtedly be audible from Brussels, so you will be left in absolutely no doubt that I am thinking of you. xxx

  3. haha thank you everyone. I don't want you to end up in hospital on my account. xx