Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Story So Far

I now have two job interviews.  And the organisations have both been splendidly co-operative in allowing these to be on Wednesday mornings when I do not work.  The second job I haven't even applied for - a few weeks back I mentioned that an employer phoned me within the hour of my sending a CV, and that I could not make the interview.  Well it's them - they said they'd get back to me about another job and hey presto they have.  Once I'd hung up the phone, I went back and read stories to The Girls with renewed nanniness.  If that is not a word, it damn well should be.

In other news, my 25 year old date appears to have evaporated.  I could be wrong, but I feel it in my ancient bladder.  I think in theory these young and pert bucks like the idea of, to use a tabloid term, a romp with a lady of some vintage, but the reality might be a bit much.  A bit like tupping your mum.  Or perhaps he just got distracted by something new and shiny.  It happens.

Still, maybe it's for the best.  Much as I like romping with the young, because I'm a filthy old ho, women of a certain age look dog-rough in the morning.  And at any time of day, you have to be careful not to be seen in profile.  Gravity is an absolute cunt in cunt's clothing.

In other, other news, I seem to have started writing something, other than this blog.

It's a story that has been knocking about in my head for some time and recently I have been coming home and actually writing it.  All day I have dialogue going on in my head that I cannot wait to get home and transcribe.  Either that or the voices are getting worse.  The story is resolving itself into something very dark and very funny.  Well it's amusing me anyway. 

I think that what has inhibited my output before is that I'd get to a certain point and stop because "I don't know much about..." whatever.  Now I have decided I will just do a bit of research and make the rest up.  It seems to work for Steven Moffat.  This is not a picture of Steven Moffat.  It is a gratuitous Joseph Fiennes.


  1. And a very nice photo of Joseph Fiennes.
    Good luck with interviews.
    I think if you even got close to a romp with a 25 year old, you are defying gravity pretty well, Jane.
    And I will definitely have a copy of your book when you publish! Ax

  2. Well I had a romp with a 26 year old last summer. So that's pretty close. My daughter despairs of me.

  3. Aw.......maybe he hasn't evaporated!
    Write on know you're talented!

  4. I know I have some talent - but that's never enough. It's more about a buoyant self belief and dogged application. But I'm going to try.

  5. Forget the dogging, but keep the self-belief afloat.
    I reckon everyone on here knows how well you write. I'll buy a copy x

  6. I've just written a very graphic childbirth scene tonight. Are you sure you want a copy?

  7. "Tupping your mum"


  8. I feel (not only in my water but everywhere else) that great things are in store for you Jane... in fact, and now this seems VERY weird having just read this post, I dreamed last night that I went to visit you, only you were in Paris instead of Brussels, and that you'd become really famous and had had 3 books published! OOOOOOHHHH it's an OMEN! I think I might get a new job as the Oracle of Worcester, what d'ya think? xx

  9. Yes I'm sure I want a copy.....I've witnessed 4 childbirths which were real-life graphic enough!
    Maybe pins and needles psychic powers will spur you on.......

    (Mind you, I should be writing myself come to that!)

  10. Ged, I knew you would say that.

    This one involves olive oil, turning a stuck child and some very inappropriate humour.

    Sue (Pins and Needles) how wonderful. Keep having these dreams!