Sunday, 10 June 2012

Goldilocks and the Three Eyebrow Pencils

Once upon a time there lived a - well, we can't call her a girl - lady with such lovely blonde hair that everyone called her Goldilocks.  In her dreams.  Anyway.  Back in the days when eyebrows meant business she had to employ a small team of full-time gardeners to keep hers under control.  See below, age 13.  Apologies for the gormless expression.

Now, whether it be through exhaustion, over-zealous pluckage, or medication which I'm no longer taking, quite a few eyebrows in recent years just gave up and went home.  Thus began the search for the perfect eyebrow pencil.

The first one was toooo grey.  The second one was tooooo ginger.  (Who wants ginger eyebrows?  Do ginger people even want ginger eyebrows?)  The third one was jusssst right.  I think.  Sort of eyebrow coloured.  The idea is to make people not even notice you have pencilled them.

And then all these bears came home so I ran away.


  1. As a ginger, I'd love to see what I looked like with ginger eyebrows, rather than blonder than blonde or a delicate brown. Do you remember the pencil?

  2. Hi Alison - there have been more than three but that doesn't fit the story :o)

    An awful lot of pencils have a gingery tone that you don't really notice at first. The one I've been using recently (until the one I just bought) was a Rimmel one in "Hazel". Sort of light brownish. But in the light a bit reddish.

    1. Top tip! Next time I'm in superdrug, totally looking out for that. I shall embrace my ginger!!

  3. I was called Goldilocks when I was a child. Strange, because I was never blonde...

  4. I was never called Goldilocks although clearly I was (and still am) blonde...I just used to get OI BLONDIE! OI! BLONDIE! OI! BLONDIE! And so on.

  5. You're lucky. It's easier to pencil in than pluck out. My eyebrows have recently adopted Denis Healey as a role model. I will soon be able to tie them above my head and give myself a face-lift.

  6. Sorry...laughing out loud at BacktoBodrum's comment. Mine have taken on a mind of their own as I get older. They don't all grow in the same direction which is quite disturbing.