Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bicep Watch

Everyone needs a hobby.  Mine is perfect because you can incorporate it into everyday life.  You don't have to buy any equipment or join any awkward groups.  The only problem is being caught looking, but I think I can pass it off as something else most of the time.  Especially in sunglasses.

Bicep Watch 1:  chap on a bike in the Parc du Woluwe yesterday doing the bins.  I faked uninterest behind my sunglasses.

Bicep Watch 2: on the way to the Parc du Woluwe today a nicely nerdy looking chap with enormous biceps unloading some stuff from a truck.  I mean, really obscenely good biceps.  If you looked up "bicep" on the internet, there's probably a photo of him.

Bicep Watch 3:  while I was with the girls this afternoon I heard noise out the back in the garden and, lo, there was a chap next door cutting the ivy.  I had to think of all sorts of reasons to keep observing the weather or put things in the bin.

One of these days I'm going to be caught with drool on my top, and it will all be very unpleasant.  

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