Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tightrope II

I admit I'm struggling a bit at the moment.  Not with work; that trundles along just fine.  The giggle to abuse ratio is good at the moment.  Today there was a joyous, riotous moment when both the girls were laughing on top of me with Baby C bouncing up and down on my head.

It's other stuff.  Those of you who have known me in reality are aware that there has been the odd difficult episode.  Those have recurred all my adult life and I fight them off as best I can.  Or rather I fight from being sucked in.  It's a bit like being a poo in a toilet.  Anyway, to go back to the first post I made in November, if you are on a tightrope, falling off simply isn't an option.  For my own benefit, I repeat - falling off simply isn't an option.  I just continue to put one foot in front of another, literally and metaphorically, every day.





  1. Have a glass of wine and congratulate yourself on your adventurous spirit and strength. For though you not feeling it, I think you are very Strong Jane - moving cities is difficult let alone another country when you don't know many people. All the best xx

  2. I know there's nothing I can say to make it better or make it go away but virtual hugs nonetheless.

    If you can find a lemon verbena plant, the smell of one of its crushed leaves might help... Not because of any woolly, airy fairy aromatherapeutic reasons, just because it has a deliciously sherbety scent which has, for some reason, always managed to provide a moment of ease in shadowy times.

  3. Keep going...you are doing so well. I can remember those feelings in my early days here of trying hard not to fall off the tightrope. Things always get better if you allow them to xxx

  4. I understand totally and send you as much virtual strength as I can muster. x