Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bottom Line

Thursdays are very long.  Well I suppose they are as long as any other day but I do three jobs on a Thursday.  Just home now and having dinner.  I did my sums this week.  Sums is about as advanced as I got in maths.  That's a lie actually - I can do take-aways too.  And I'm doing ok financially.  Discovering that I am earning enough to cover all my expenses and even save some money is very rewarding.  It turns this adventure from a folly into a going concern.  I am earning a living in another European city.  I did it.

The next year or years may hold all sorts of surprises and opportunities - but I'm doing ok, right now.


  1. Well done. You've settled incredibly quickly and it's good to hear that you are doing OK.

  2. Yes, this is good, feeling a bit more financially secure means you can relax into your adventure a bit more too.

  3. I'm most impressed, Jane; I've been here a year and some months, I can't say I earn quite enough to cover costs. And I never was much of a really very well done you.

    (I do agree that Thursdays are longer than other days though.)


  4. I just hope my sums weren't wrong! My outgoings here seem to be considerably less than in London, which helps. Also I'm too knackered to spend my money, which also helps.