Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Service IV

Brussels gave me a delightful spring weekend for my birthday and I'm rather pink.  There has been much eating, drinking, walking and, today, we frited.  The queue at Place Jourdan was pretty long so F amused himself buying cheese in the market.  J and I took most of the queue changing our minds about what to have.  I had THIS

It has been utterly delightful to share my big birthday with my lovely girl and her lovely boy.  There was a little stress this evening when the tram went spaz on us and I had to call a taxi (three times), but they are safely on their way back to Paris now.  One of the really civilised things about Brussels is that you can go right to the train to say goodbye.  Actually you could feasibly get on and hide in the toilets.

Tram was still spazzing on the way back so I got the metro to Louise and walked.  That's when it really hits me that I live in a spectacular place.  Avenue Louise is like the Champs Elysée crossed with Bond Street.  Except they don't have a Funny Horse Bar Table Dancing Club, I bet.


  1. OMG..a chip butty. Is that mayonnaise on it? Oh I could eat that right now.

    So glad you could spend your birthday with your daughter and it sounds like you had a really good time x

  2. Yeah a glorified chip butty. This is not actually mine but it looked like that. The amusing thing was the scrap of lettuce under the chips and mayo. Yeah, that's really going to balance it...

    We had a fab time, thanks. x