Saturday, 3 March 2012

Going Bump In the Day

I never run into people.  Possibly because I have a pavement-regarding manner, constantly checking for dogshit and lost Euros.  Today I was swinging my Morrisons bag-for-life when I noticed someone had stopped in front of me.  Oh no, I thought, not someone else asking for bloody directions.  But it was lovely A, the chaplain from where I used to work.  He was in Brux with his partner just for the afternoon.  The city has a population of 1.8 million so the chances of bumping into him were fairly slim.

We stared at each other in that way you do when something is in the wrong place.  (Many years ago, friends of mine on completely separate and divergent trips through India saw each other in a market and were so shocked they didn't even say hello).  It was delightful to see him and my life that was, and my life that is, joined momentarily like wobbly soap bubbles. 

Interestingly, the one person I keep expecting to run into (who lives here) I do not.  Although every taxi I get after a babysitting job goes by his apartment and I force myself not to look up in passing. 


  1. Lovely metaphor and an amazing experience. I always bump into people I know in unexpected places in a quite spooky way. I'm sure if I came to Brux, I'd bump into you!

    Not bumping into people - not quite the same as avoiding them...

  2. Possibly, but seeing as we don't know what each other looks like... :o)

  3. It's really odd when that happens isn't it? It's happened to me a couple of times...once in St Lucia of all places...years ago. Trying to take a holiday in a faraway place away from everything familiar, only to bump into neighbours from the same road as us in England, staying in the same hotel.