Monday, 16 July 2012

Waving, Slightly Drowning

During french lessons, I believe I have two expressions:  one is an  impression of a badly-holed fishing net, as I stare at the teacher, trying to contain and comprehend the words pouring through; the other is a bit like John le Mesurier as he raises his eyebrows and vaguely asks "hmm?".  They seem to alternate.

It seems I'm making some progress but it's hard to be sure.  There was a moment tonight when I suddenly thought "oh this is all like completely in French and I almost didn't notice".  Which is good.  Still a long way to go though.  My spoken French is often loud, clear, expressive and charmingly wrong.

I wonder if 38 years of migraines have done something to my neural pathways making it harder to learn a language.  It's possible.  It's also possible that I'm just old and have an old brain and the language-learning bit was switched off many years ago.

Well, whatever.  I'll just keep conjugating, waving my hands about and saying "hmmmm?" until it sticks.  Which could be some time.


  1. The John Le Mesurier eyebrow is definitely preferable and so much more elegant than my own gormless habit of saying 'qué' which sounds like Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

  2. I find saying "hmmmmm?" also just sounds like you didn't quite catch what they said, rather than you being a complete retard who can't understand a simple question. That's me, not you, obviously.