Friday, 20 July 2012

All The Fun

Tonight I went to the Styx cinema again, this time with my friend S.  But first we ate at a little neighbourhood Italian restaurant directly across the street.  It's the kind of tiny place where the food is excellent and you get hauled into conversation with the French/Scottish family on the next table, out celebrating a birthday.  From there it was literally a minute to our seats in the cinema (effectively the upstairs of a house) where we watched When Pigs Have Wings with four other people.

And tomorrow I'm off to the Netherlands for the weekend to visit my friend A.  A date with some bloke has been shoehorned in too - he's driving up from Utrecht so it would be a shame to disappoint him.  A tells me there is a big fair this weekend, about which I'm giddily excited.

In amongst all this there is much French homework, which hopefully will get done on the train.  Hopefully.  Bon weekend, people.

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