Friday, 13 July 2012


There has been much Ebay: the trousseau for my new job.  I am still quietly and resiliently bloody happy.  Moving to a new country brought so much uncertainty it was like looking out a car window and seeing only deep fog.  I do not think I could have spent much longer wrangling toddlers and holding up their ankles to scrape shit off.  It would have severely affected my life expectancy.

Downstairs is a contract, signed, that anchors me to a new future.  I do not remember being this excited ever about a job - perhaps because achieving decent employment in your own city is one thing; to do it in another country is something else.  Something else indeed.  

After six months, I'm still infatuated with my city.  The ice cream vans play tinkly off-key greetings just like the UK ones, but they also sell waffles.  I have not yet, but will avail myself of one before very long.  And today I have discovered that not five minutes from here is a two-screen cinema in a row of houses, that has served the local community for more than forty years.  I love Brussels.



  1. Great to see you being so positive. Many blessings and good fortune to you in your new job. Who knows; perhaps this year may even bring love, or at least passion :)

  2. Thanks. Well it might do but to be honest, I don't want to be greedy. I'm really happy right now and that's enough :o)

  3. Excellent stuff. What a difference a job makes! All that and a great little movie house too, no wonder you love it there!
    Incidentally the rain here is now of Biblical proportions!

  4. I am so glad it it is working out sweetie, you so deserve some good times.

    Also the rain we are getting here in London is MAD! I am thinking a Noah's Ark might be useful right now!

  5. Brussels sounds just perfect. I love that cinema - hope you treat yourself to a waffle or two and a night out at the pics soon. Axx

  6. We've got a touch of the Biblicals here right now. I'm amazed we haven't all drowned.

    Annie, Brussels if FAR from perfect. But it's working for me and there is a lot I like about the place. The things I don't like are fairly easy to ignore.