Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Carbon Dating

Thankfully, gone are the days when meeting someone online was considered something odd.  I know many people who have met their partners through online dating or through websites of shared interest.

When people on the website I currently colonise ask if I've been doing this for long, I lie.  Painful honesty is my default position but it is prudent to say something like "oh I've only met a few people here".  This much is true, as Spandau Ballet might say.  It would be imprudent to list the other dating websites from previous years.  The crap date with a man whose teeth were grey.  The date that seemed to be a raging success until the chap decided he couldn't see me any more, because I was ambivalent about having children and he didn't want to give in to his baser desires, in that case.   The date that seemed to be a raging success but which was closely followed by his pretty much calling me an alcoholic.  "Interesting relationship with alcohol" was how it was couched.  (These words have now passed into the lexicon of certain friends.)  This is only the tip of the iceberg lettuce.

They say (they can fuck off) lucky in cards, unlucky in love.  Quite a few people have said I seem to be incredibly lucky.  Things work for me; things happen easily.   And, who knows, maybe I have to pay for this in some cosmic bloody accounting thing.

But that is clearly bollocks, isn't it.