Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Clean Sweep

Just been to sign my new work contract.  In true Disney style, a bright and blustery sun came out to accompany me home.  A chap said "Bonjour" me.  I bought a new broom.  I'm surprised there weren't little birds flying cutely round cleaning up the dog poo in the streets.  I smiled all the way home and the way home smiled back.

And yes, this is home.  I am home.


  1. Great news, Jane. I would love to see what image you have chosen but I think the link is broken. I'm sure it's something very appropriate..Axxx

  2. Aw it disappeared! It was Cinderella with bluebirds...I've changed it to this one.

  3. Lovely to know that your great leap forward has produced good results, at last. Glad that you feel at home.