Monday, 9 July 2012

Bonfire of the Banalities

Marvellous, rather drunken weekend with friends P and F from London town.  There was much walking, eating and, of course, boozing.  I managed to win at Trivial Pursuit at 3am despite having drunk most of a bottle of Merlot by myself.  Saturday was the karaoke and I think P would now like to move in there.  She has a great voice and got quite a fanbase going, and then I did Copacabana.  She has footage of this but I will kill her if it ever surfaces.  It was good fun though as people were dancing to my singing right in front of me.  This is what I like about karaoke.  Never in the real world is that going to happen.

Today I officially ended my work contract; the new one gets signed on Wednesday.  My current jobs continue to the end of July.  Reality hasn't yet caught up with my urge to hunt, and still I'm looking at offices thinking...oooh maybe...and then joyous relief comes because I don't have to look for work any more.  It must be what being engaged feels like. 

And like an affianced lady, I'm planning my trousseau.  There is going to be definite shopping this month and I may just burn ceremonially all the clothes that have been routinely smeared with yoghurt, banana, porridge and snot.

In my head is this image of a super-groomed woman with discreet but perfect nails, tasteful jewellery and slightly pointy shoes, her hair just escaping from a neatish pleat.   Yeah, we all know I'm just going to carry on falling out of my tops and walking round with pen on my face, but a girl can dream.

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