Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One Thing I Will Not Miss About London Underground

Strictly speaking it isn't London Underground's fault that Chelsea are playing Liverpool at home tonight.  I do wonder who schedules these things though, knowing that those travelling to the match will be bursting the seams of the trains that SHOULD BE TAKING ME HOME.  I could not get on five consecutive Wimbledon trains.  At the quieter end of the platform people were six deep.  At the other end, the platform was densely full and seething.

Eventually I gave up and left the station.  Across the road, police were holding back a terrifying mass of chanting and pissed supporters.  I ran for the bus not caring how stupid I looked. (I look stupid running).  Picked up the tube again beyond Fulham Broadway where it had deposited its volatile cargo.

Six mile journey.  One and a half hours.  And I missed a great pair of boots on Ebay by eleven minutes.  Bloody buggery arse.

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