Sunday, 20 November 2011

Baby's Got Back

Since my jolly jape at Go Ape, I've had a pain in my back.  This isn't entirely surprising since I did four zip-wires and hit the ground in all manner of ungainly positions.  It could have been that, or any of the other twisty, balancy, stretchy, bendy things I did.  But my money is on the woooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh-thunk of the zip-wires.  I fear I've dislodged something.  Or maybe have some woodchip stuck in my spine.

The ad I put on Freecycle for my Chesterfield sofa said very very clearly "This will require two people to collect".  And this mere stripling arrives on his own.  For fucksake.  So my back is hurting more now.  I should have sent him away to get a big person. 

This really isn't a great time for my back to start spazzing out.  Somewhere there is a tennis ball, literally with my name on it.  And I may have to roll about on that.  While I do I will calcluate just how much money I'm going to have to throw at the osteopath.

A picture of someone who could be me, if I had a better arse.

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